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Web Design

Canada Web Design
Canada Web Design
a division of Gilpin Publishing

Whether you're looking for a simple personal website or a full-scale commercial web presence complete with e-commerce and dynamic content, we have an affordable and efficient solution for you!

We offer basic website design services, including HTML, CSS, form design, buttons (static and rollover) and site counters. We also offer Java, Flash development (including everything from Flash banner ads up to full Flash-based websites), custom CGI and PHP scripts, Javascript, ASP, e-commerce and database-driven applications.

Other Services
To support our design services, we also offer graphic design, document and image scanning, search engine submission and website maintenance.

Why Choose Canada Web Design?
- Your website will be custom-designed to be most efficient for your purposes.

- Your graphics (buttons, logos, backgrounds, etc.) will be designed in-house, not taken from a stock library, so that your website will look unique.

- Unless you request otherwise, your website will be optimized for dial-up users, as well as those with high-speed Internet access, so that everyone can view your online presence quickly and efficiently.

- Your website will be optimized for cross-browser compatibility, so that it will look and function the same whether it's viewed with Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, or other popular browsers.

What Did We Miss?
If you think of something you'd like included in your website but don't see listed here, just ask! We'll be happy to accommodate your request and find a solution that will work for you.

View Our Design Work
In addition to gilpin.ca, the site you're viewing right now, here's a listing of other sites we've designed. All logos, design and scripting for these sites were developed here at Canada Web Design.

This site advertises news and performances of the performing duo Ebony & Ivory.

Home page for the children's theatre group Erewhon Theatre.

Features artists and acts represented by Canadian agent/manager Robert Baird.

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