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The Andrew Gilpin Trio: And All That Jazz

Andrew Gilpin - Piano
Peter Telford - Acoustic Bass
Evan Ritchie - Drums
Leslie Allt - Flute (Track 7)

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(Programme notes by Andrew Gilpin)

1 - Kaity     Stream MP3   Download MP3   Real   WMA
(Andrew Gilpin)
Named after Peter's daughter Kaitlan (who was only 2 years old at the time!), Kaity was the first jazz tune I wrote. A thoughtful intro gives way to a fun Latin feel; I especially like Peter's solo on this track.

2 - Alleluia     Stream MP3   Download MP3   Real   WMA
(Randall Thompson)
Randall Thompson's Alleluia was originally written for unaccompanied chorus, the notes sung entirely to a single word: alleluia. I found that the piece works particularly well for jazz piano trio, losing none of its spirituality in the process.

3 - Not This Time     Stream MP3   Download MP3   Real   WMA
(Claude Bolling)
Written by French jazz/classical fusion master Claude Bolling, Not This Time is a classic swing tune with a great melody.

4 - Garnerama     Stream MP3   Download MP3   Real   WMA
(Claude Bolling)
This piece is Claude Bolling's tribute to great jazz pianist Erroll Garner. It's slow and dreamy, with lots of open spaces.

5 - Blue Kiss From Brazil     Stream MP3   Download MP3   Real   WMA
(Claude Bolling)
If you daydreamed through the last tune, the exciting Latin rhythms of Blue Kiss From Brazil will be sure to wake you up!

6 - All Love     Stream MP3   Download MP3   Real   WMA
(Chick Corea)
Despite being written for his very first Elektric Band album, Chick Corea's All Love is actually quite "akoustic". The piano and bass play much of this quiet tune in unison, with the drums remaining in the background.

7 - Jazzy     Stream MP3   Download MP3   Real   WMA
(Claude Bolling)
The final movement of Claude Bolling's Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio No. 2 truly lives up to its name! Guest artist Leslie Allt joined the trio on flute, and his fingers were a blur. Remarkably, we managed to record this in one take!

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